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About Us

Creating Sustainable Products Through Design

The Concerns:
  • Many people think drinking water is boring. You might too…
  • 3/4 of us are chronically dehydrated
  • By 2020, there is going to more plastic in the sea than fish


Our Solution

By creating the SHEGGS Time Marker Water Bottle, we have provided a simple and realistic water bottle with hourly marker to prompt and encourage daily hydration. 

With an easy see through bottle, you can clearly tell how much you have drank through the day. And oh, the many visits to the bathroom should be alright; flash dem toxins out!

Our Story

Drinking water has never been a problem for some. But for far too many it can pose a challenge; either because of their busy days, forgetfulness or just preferring other beverages to it. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

We have created a water bottle that reminds you to drink your water via  hourly markings on the bottle.

From the design and materials used, to the benefits that benefits one gets , every product we create is carefully considered and thought of.

We’re redefining the way people stay hydrated from now on. We’ve crafted a simple yet elegant bottle that is BPA Free, reusable and lightweight to carry—made with break resistant Tritan material.

About Jocelyn

I am a mum of four, former Health Visitor turned Mumpreneur. I am married to numbers crunching Accountant Ed and together we live in the beautiful county of Wiltshire.

I started Sheggs with the aim of creating simple solutions to everyday issues through design. 

The SHEGGS Time Marker Water Bottle has been made with you in mind; grab yours today.







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