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The beauty of any outfit enhances by the accessories you wear with the same. It is not rocket science on how to look good but you just need to pick the correct accessory that is elegant and suits you the best and you are done for anything!

We have compiled a list of jewelry and accessories every fashion girl must have in her wardrobe. Here it goes.

1. Diamond Stud Earrings:

Truly said, diamonds are girls’ first love and if you don’t own one, you are unfairly ditching those. So just grab a dazzling pair of diamond stud earrings that can go well on formals as well as casuals.

2. A Red Lipstick:

Whether you are dressing up for a cocktail party with friends or for a date with your love, a red lipstick will somehow complement you on almost every occasion.

3. Pearl Necklace:

Pearls never go out of style and will always be cherished by everyone. So just gift yourself a pearl necklace of your favorite color which can be endeavored on any party wear.

4. Skinny Belt:

Belts are a great way of keeping your trousers up. They can also highlight a trim waist, and reveal your elegance. Go on, put those belt loops to use. Cinch up and look sassy in every dress.

5. Scarf:

A scarf is a MUST. There are different ways of draping scarf and the way you tie your scarf can modify your look entirely. You can tie one on a t-shirt and shorts, a t-shirt and jeans or a one-piece. Just wear a scarf and stroll down the streets. And, yes these are your saviors on a beach vacation too.

6. Shades:

A pair of sunglasses won’t just shield your eyes from pollution but also won’t fail to give you a glamorous look. Angular glasses have become trendy; you always have the option to select as per your face though.

7. Watch:

Wristwatches are not just a convenient way of displaying your time but also make it easier for you to display your sense of style. So buy yourself at least one wristwatch to wear any occasion.

8. Bracelet:

Bracelets are also good friends of a girl’s wrist other than watches. Just a simple and elegant bracelet will elevate your wrist’s beauty in any party. 

9. Rings:

Empty fingers don’t look beauteous especially if you have draped yourself in ethnic apparel. The much trendy big sized rings will definitely give you a classy look.

10. Perfume:

A perfectly scented aromatic perfume keeps oneself fresh and confident throughout the day. So just buy one if you don’t have any. The nice fragrance plays an important part in one’s love life as well. 

11. Sling Bags:

Imagine yourself dancing in a party while dragging a tote. Not happening, right? So in such circumstances (even otherwise as well), sling bag is your best friend.

12. Turquoise Jewelry:

If you haven’t purchased any jewelry in turquoise yet, then you can still have one. It will remain in trend this year as well. These come in different colors and complement almost every outfit.

13. Ballet Flats:

Stroll in style with ballet flats, the most versatile form of footwear. It can complement any sort of outfit you wear either for work or for dance or simply to be at home. Just sling on your feet in ballets and ready to go out.

14. Sneakers:

These are comfortable yet classy. These can never fail to give you a cute look when accompanied by denim jeans/shorts or mini-skirts.

Whatever you pick, that must accent your outfits perfectly and must satisfy your appeal with every type of wear.

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